How should we prepare our car for winter?

  As you know, the winter season has arrived. With the increase in cold weather, the damage to our vehicles started to come to light. Vehicle owners, especially these days, need to pay more attention to car maintenance than ever before to prevent potential hazards. So what should we pay attention to when preparing our car for winter? How should we prepare the car for winter? If we want to ride our vehicles smoothly in cold weather, we must increase the resistance of our vehicles. Of course, the most important factor that we should pay attention to during the winter months is the tires of our vehicle. Winter tires hold the road better at +7 degrees and below, play an important role in braking performance and prevent possible accidents. The air pressure of winter tires should be the same as normal tyres. Normally 30-32 pressure is recommended, while the same pressure is recommended for winter tires. Another winter tire recommendation is to change all of our tires together.